Brixton boxing club

We coach the following:

  • under 11s
  • juniors – 11-16s
  • seniors 17+
  • boxfit recreational classes

Under 11s

These classes are specially designed for younger children. It’s fun, fast and highly active. Classes start with warm up games, then we teach fundamental techniques for boxing, as well as bagwork and fitness training, we finish up with a warm-down and stretching. All classes end with group feedback.

Sundays 10-11am.
£2 per class

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Open to boys and girls of all abilities we nurture respect, discipline and work ethic. These classes are structured to bring the best out of our boxers. We start with a warm up before shadow boxing, technical work, pads and bags, sparring and circuits, we end with a cool down, stretch and feedback.

Mondays & Wednesdays 5.30 -7; Sundays 11-12.30
£2 per session or £5 for all three

Find out more >

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