Junior Club

Our junior club is open to young people of all abilities ages 11-16 years old. 

Afewee is passionate about working with the area’s young people, as we believe champions need to begin their training at an early age. Over the last year or so Afewee have prioritised the establishment of its Junior Club operations and we now offer 3 sessions per week.

Class structure

At Afewee we believe that for any young person to succeed, whether it be in sport or otherwise, they need a certain sense of respect, discipline and work ethic. Our boxing coaches pride themselves on providing a structured class for all to achieve, continuously measuring and praising progress.

What to expect

Classes usually comprise of the following;

  • Aims & structure of session
  • Warm up & Stretching (Skipping, running, sprints, team games)
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Partner work (Technical work)
  • Padwork
  • Bag work
  • Sparring (For those who show capabilities)
  • Circuit training
  • Stretch down
  • Class feedback and announcements

What to bring 

  • Water
  • Boxing gloves (Also provided but ideal to have your own)
  • Hand wraps (Sold at club for £3)
  • Appropriate attire (Shorts, t-shirt and trainers)

Competitive boxers should bring the following;

  • Water
  • Boxing gloves (14 oz)
  • Hand wraps
  • Groin guard
  • Head guard
  • Gum shield (Not red)
  • Appropriate attire (Shorts, vest/tshirt, boxing boots preferable)
  • Snack for after training

Success so far

In September 2015, Steven Yansen became Afewee’s first Junior to be rewarded through his hard work and talent, being accepted into the Full-Fitness Boxing Academy on a 2 year boxing scholarship. Steven will have access to great facilities and mentors and have the privilege of training like a full time athlete whilst still representing Afewee Boxing Club.

Another Afewee junior, Aymane Chiekh, won a 5 year scholarship to Winchester College, one of England’s most prestigious public schools, due to his academic as well as sporting abilities. We were very gratified to hear that he felt the club helped him with as it provided him with a sense of focus and work ethic associated with the type of training he was being provided with at the club.

Days & Times

Sundays                     11am – 12:30pm

Mondays                   5:30pm – 7pm

Wednesdays            5:30pm – 7pm


£2 per class or £5 for the week

Afewee Junior Squad
Afewee Junior Squad

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