Senior Club

Our Senior Boxing Club is open to people of all abilities and is targeted at 17+.

It is important to understand the difference between ‘Senior Boxing Club’ classes and those associated with recreational/boxfit type classes. Senior classes encourage those to take more control and responsibility for their training regime and are designed to develop competitive boxers. Although the classes are open to all, people looking to use boxing as a way to get fit as well as learn basic technique are encouraged to join our boxfit classes on designated days and times (See ‘Recreational Classes’ for full info) 

What to expect

The structure would be similar to many other boxing gyms around, however at Afewee we believe teaching correct technique from early is fundamental and shapes a boxers long term development.

Upon arrival, you will be expected to warm up, stretch and shadow box before being called up by coaches who may see further potential to develop you, especially if you have made it known you wish to go on to competition. Classes finish of with group circuits, sprints or core work followed by a warm down and stretch.

What to bring 

  • Water
  • Boxing gloves (Also provided but ideal to have your own)
  • Hand wraps (Sold at club for £3)
  • Appropriate attire (Shorts, t-shirt and trainers)

Competitive boxers should bring the following;

  • Water
  • Boxing gloves (14 oz)
  • Hand wraps
  • Groin guard
  • Head guard
  • Gum shield (Not red)
  • Appropriate attire (Shorts, vest/tshirt, boxing boots preferable)
  • Snack for after training

Days & Times 

Mondays           7pm – 8:30pm

Wednesdays     7pm – 8:30pm


£3 per class


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